About Experience Bucharest

About Us

Experience Bucharest is the largest project promoting Bucharest tourism in social media that has ever been done.

Who Are We ?

The project was born as a passion project by a team of 100+ volunteers from Travel Massive Romania, along with other local traveler influencers and organizations. We engage as hosts and we will provide a great diversity of experiences from bohemian tours, arhitectural treasure hunts, amidst old neighbourhoods, culinary experiences in alternative places, underground culture performances to huge nightlife parties for international travel influencers to discover Bucharest as the diverse, eclectic capital that we know as locals.


The mission of this initiative is to position Bucharest as a favourite destination of travelers in Eastern Europe.


Objectives : 

  • Promoting the diversity of experiences that the city can give to a unique audience of at least 10 milion people (age 18-70+)  in Europe, USA, South America and Asia.

  • Increasing the average of nights spent in Bucharest from 2 to 3 nights

  • Creating valuable content on all media channels and social media