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#ExperienceBucharest & #ExperienceRomania, your summer destinations!

4-14th of July 2019

Bucharest is a bustling city, filled with fun activities.
This will be the first summer edition of #ExperienceBucharest our international series of events and we have prepared for you thrilling and exciting experiences. Walking tours, dynamic unconventional parties in unique locations, fancy nightlife, relaxing at exquisite spas, outdoor activities, good food and super welcoming people.

Curious to discover Romania as well? You can also join the 4th edition of #ExperienceRomania which will take place in and around Oradea, one of the newest travel destinations in Romania. Though it has a history of over 900 years, the city has became the place to visit in Romania in the past 3 years. With an overall investment of more than 70 million euros in tourism and over 250 million in infrastructure, the city has changed dramatically in the last 10 years and is shaping up to its former glory from the turn of the century (1900). The three main pillars of the destinations are: architecture, thermal waters and cultural tourism. The city has the highest density of Art Nouveau architecture in Romania and is working tediously to restore the old city center and create new tourists attractions. One of the key drivers for the local tourism economy has been the thermal waters the city sits on. Almost every hotel in the city has a spa and a swimming pool. The city has invested in the newest Aqua-park in Romania to responsibly take advantage of this natural resource. With one of the few medieval fortresses of Romania, completely restored through EU funding, the history and culture of the city is brought back to life through the Museum Of Oradea, firmly planted in the fortress.  These are just a few of the interesting aspects of Oradea. If you want so see more take 2 minutes to understand it.

The City of Timisoara is a vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan city, designated to be the European Capital of Culture in 2021. Located in Western Romania, near the border with Hungary and Serbia, this beautiful city called “little Vienna” (because of the architectural style of the buildings) has much to offer. In 1989 Timisoara was the first communism-free city in Romania (the place where the anti-communist Romanian Revolution broke out).

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