Tours 2018

Tours November 2018

The Story of Bucharest

That’s how your Bucharest trip starts! Get the pulse of the city with our welcome tour that will give you the basics of Bucharest and local tips.

Stroll through more than 500 years of history from the times of Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula to the “golden era” of communism, the ’89 Revolution and today’s protests. Unravel the stories not to be found in guidebooks and explore the city with one of our passionate local guides!

Get the best of your travel experience with local tips about traditional cuisine, places to hang out or cool events. The tour that was created to welcome everyone new in town!

Tour Organized by Walkabout Free Tours.

Tour of Communism

In this 3-hour walking tour of Bucharest, you will learn about:

  • the violent beginnings of Communism
  • forced nationalization and demolitions
  • second largest administrative building in the world
  • the unfinished academy for the illiterate
  • hidden churches
  • places of Communist torture and investigation
  • the fall of Communism in Revolution Square

Tour Organized by Tour of Communism.

Rroma Heritage Tour

Prepare for a really hot tour, spiced with controversial subjects on discrimination, reality, activism, labels and segregation but also history, wild music and colorful culture!

Meet with rroma people and spend some time with them so you can form your own opinion about the rroma culture in Bucharest. Where do they really come from? What is exactly THEIR culture? How do they see US? It is a one of a kind occasion to visit a Bucharest no tourist ever sees!

Tour Organized by Open Doors Travel.

How Bucharest became the “Little Paris”

Dive into the lesser-known parts of Bucharest to understand how the city transformed itself from a village-like town on the outskirts of the Ottoman Empire to the splendid and decadent city known as “the little Paris”. This small-group walking tour explores the history of the second half of 19th century, including its impact on Bucharest’s architecture, economy, and society. During the 3-hour walk (with a short-break), we’ll visit the picturesque neighborhoods around the Patriarchal Cathedral and Carol Park.

Tour Organized by Good Living Bucharest.

Monarchy vs. Communism

From one of the poorest cities in Europe, in just 70 years of monarchy in Romania, Bucharest changed and became so beautiful that it was called “Little Paris”.

However, the city was bombed during the World War II. After, it was devastated and transformed by the Communist regime. Everything culminated with the violent Romanian Revolution in 1989 when Communism fell.

Tour Organized by BTrip Bucharest.

Real Life in the Neighborhood of Giants

Join us to see the absolute non-touristic sites of the city and discover the great stories of Pantelimon neighborhood with a local.

85% of the people of Bucharest are living in neighborhoods made for the workers in the industrial area. What happens in this “dormitory neighborhoods” today? Have you ever seen huge graffiti from the top? If you are interested in the real life of the people and what local communities can create and illustrate through fabulous street art, this is your tour!

Tour Organized by Open Doors Travel.

Alternative tour

Explore Bucharest differently! Bucharest is much more that the Old Town and palaces. It is a vibrant up and coming city, hiding gems behind the main streets: urban art, secret messages of current political and social situation, creative initiatives and reinvented places.

Our guided tour is different, talking about the future of old spaces, and how important present decisions are. A pedestrian tour that just opens a subject and your appetite for continuous urban exploration, changing the perspective.

Tour Organized by Open Doors Travel.

The Royal Century

Discover a hidden world of palaces, elegance and intriguing stories with our passionate local guide. The “belle epoque” period is the most fascinating of all, bringing impressive architecture but also World Wars and the struggle for creating modern Romania. The monarchy shaped Bucharest in an unique way compared to any other city in Romania and today’s urban vibes are bringing it back to life.

Tour Organized by Walkabout Free Tours.

Communist tour

Join us and learn how communism shaped Romanian society and Bucharest and get a realistic insight into life under communist rule.

Communism was here for more than 40 years. No wonder Bucharest is full of “souvenirs” from this not so long ago period. Get sad when listening to our stories or smile hearing popular jokes about communist leaders. Hear the story of the 1989 Revolution in the same place where it all started and make your own opinion about how different was communism in our country.

Tour Organized by Open Doors Travel.

The Jewish Trail

Discover the forgotten Jewish neighborhood of Bucharest, and its stories of sorrow and joy, as you embark on this 3-hour walking tour which will take you through:

  • the lively streets once inhabited by Ashkenazi Jews
  • abandoned & restored synagogues
  • the astonishing Choral Temple (see insides, as well)
  • the former Sephardic neighborhood
  • Jews during the Romanian Holocaust
  • the birth of the Yiddish theater in Romania
  • the emigration of Jews during the Communist regime
  • the demolition of the Jewish architectural heritage during the Communist regime
  • famous Romanian Jews and their legacy

Tour Organized by Jewish Tour of Bucharest.

Old Town Legends & Stories

The legend of the founding of Bucharest starts hundreds of years ago around the area of the Old Town.

The story of the most famous Romanian, that of Vlad the Impaler best known as Dracula also goes back to the Old Town in Bucharest. This is because the Old Town part of the city is the place where many stories and legends were born.

Tour Organized by BTrip Bucharest.

Silent walk in Bucharest

Discover the place where the song birds are the loudest things you’ll hear. Not far from the city centre, this part of town is completely decorated with uniquely picturesque Romanian architecture. Your urban meditation journey begins on the Pictor Arthur Verona Street, no. 13-15, in front of the Carturesti Verona Library. Shhhhh!

Carturesti Verona
Strada Arthur Verona 15, București 030167, Romania

Distance: 1.9 km
Total Time: 1h 19m

Tour Organized by Questo.

The hidden stories of Bellu Cemetery

People die and it’s not funny. Until you remember that we are all getting there and death always wins. So let’s laugh in Her face while we can! Follow the quest and you will discover the weirdest and most unexpected deaths of well-known Romanians, as well as borderline dark jokes to die for.

The main entrance of the Bellu Cementery

Distance: 1 km
Total Time: 1h 25m

Tour Organized by Questo.

Discover the Old Town Treasure

Some people have written books about it, others have dedicated ballads and entire poems. Millions died in search for it. Romanians even made it the main theme of their hymn.

The lost treasure of Bucharest is the most precious thing Romania has ever owned. Discover what it is by finding all the keys that will lead you to it.

You will visit fascinating places in the city and you will discover unknown stories about them and people who lived, worked and partied there.

Dambovita Bridge next to Starbucks
Strada Halelor 9, București, Romania

Distance: 2.3 km
Total Time: 1h 19m

Tour Organized by Questo.

Garlic is a must have in every Romanian household, since it serves so many purposes: you can put it in the food, use it for small magical practices and to ward off vampires. Are vampires real? We don’t know, but garlic sure is. Part storytelling, part (food) tasting, this workshop takes you into the wonderful yet smelly world of the garlic. (Hope you will survive it.)


  • course meals with plenty of garlic & 1 digestive
  • about 2 hours of storytelling: think vampires, Romanian vampires, other evil spirits, some historical facts, practical information regarding how to keep them away – with garlic!
  • almost everything you would like to know about Dracula.