The Palace of Parliament of Romania or House of the People , is the most important political center being one of the largest buildings in Bucharest, and at the same time it is the second largest public building in the world, surpassed by the famous Pentagon in the United States of America . I invite you to know it through its deeper data both inside and outside.

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The Why of its construction

This huge building has its origin during the dictatorship by Nicolae Ceaușescu, a famous political character who had in mind to do very big things, if not gigantic. In 1985 he ordered to build this huge place that is visible from many parts of Bucharest. The main idea was to house a palace at your service or that is the same, the headquarters of the Communist Party of Romania, as well as a set of administrative offices subject to its luxurious whims.

Numbers that speak of its interior

To fulfill his dream and thus turn it into one of the largest public buildings in the world, part of the life of 40,000 inhabitants had to be demolished, who saw their 7,000,000 homes destroyed, in addition to twelve churches, two synagogues, three monasteries, in a total of 315,000 square meters in the upper area of ​​downtown Bucharest. It was the architect Anca Petrescu, responsible for its design and construction.

Bye, bye Ceaușescu!

In December of the year 1989, during the civil revolution against the regime of that time, Ceaușescu was shot, and with it several facilities of the building were pending completion. For this reason, there was a relative crisis with the new government led by Ion Iliescu, who proposed to demolish it completely. This objective was not achieved because when analyzing costs and numbers, they decided to finish it because it was the most viable and economical option.

The House of the People of Romania

Today, it is the seat of the Romanian Parliament, popularly known as the “House of the People” (Casa Poporului), and still holds the title of the second largest civil building in the world. An ideal point to contemplate and take pictures is from the important Unification Boulevard (Boulevardul Unirii). Although it also has beautiful angles of its sides.

How to visit and buy tickets for the Romanian Parliament Palace

The general visits to the building are guided with a duration of about 90 minutes, in groups of maximum 25 people, both in English and Romanian. The areas that can be seen are the living rooms, the terrace and the basement. I recommend you go up to the terrace to see Bucharest from the heights from its excellent viewpoint. In addition, there are always various exhibitions in the basement. Remember to bring your ID or Passport because it is mandatory to access the Palace of Parliament of Romania.

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