“Life is a party” = a weekend in the capital of Romania Bucharest.

“Life is a party” = a weekend in the capital of Romania Bucharest.

Travel guide: An epic weekend in Bucharest

The trip was organized by Experience Bucharest

“Life is a party” = a weekend in the capital of Romania Bucharest. So, at least it felt to me when I was allowed to spend an epic weekend in the city with Experience Bucharest and 49 other like-minded travel bloggers. Here are my best tips on where to live, eat, drink and party to have an epic weekend in Bucharest as I had.

Reseguide: En episk weekend i Bukarest

Experience Bucharest

I participated in Experience Bucharest together with 49 other travel bloggers with different nationalities from all over the world.For those of you who do not know what or what Experience Bucharest is, I can tell you that this is the largest project created to lift Bucharest as a tourist destination through social media. The project is run by the enthusiasts Tudor & Anda Maxim and Alu Potcoava. I can only congratulate myself on being a part of this colorful spectacle. An epic experience that I will never forget.

Of course, it will be something very special to travel and spend a weekend close with so many other like-minded but completely unknown people from the start.With nationalities ranging from the US, Brazil, Mexico and Australia to several European countries closer. A lovely mix of beautiful people that I immediately felt connected with because of our shared passion for traveling and discovering the world.I would like to make a report just about these wonderful people, one by one. Because they all impressed and inspired me in so many ways with their adorable instagram accounts, blogs and youtube channels. Who knows, maybe there will even be such a report in the future.


Where to live in Bucharest?

Caro Hotel

During my weekend in Bucharest, I stayed at the Caro City Resort with my assigned roommate Sarah from Barcelona. We had never met before, but immediately agreed well.The hotel was located in a green and scenic area a bit away from the city center. Here you get the best of both worlds. A quiet comfortable oasis to relax in but with only a short taxi / uber trip to the center of events. Here you will definitely not be disturbed by the loud music in Lipscani at night. Caro Hotel is used extensively by bridal couple and wedding guests due to their location and stylish comfortable atmosphere.

Our double room was really lovely and I loved the large lovely balcony, where I always started and ended my days in Bucharest.

It’s the details that usually do it. The 4-star rooms are equipped with floor heating, plug ‘n play-TV and large comfortable beds. As soon as you put the key in the door, the music starts to play and a welcome message on the TV screen welcomes you by name. I did not have to spend as much time at the hotel as I had wished, but I could see that there were both indoor pool, gym and a large outdoor area for sunbeds and at least a couple of bars and restaurant. This hotel is recommended to anyone who wants to stay well with a little extra gold.

Find here: Hotel Caro , Strada Barbu Văcărescu 164

Little Bucharest

If you travel to Bucharest with a small budget and want to stay in a hostel, I can also tell you about Little Bucharest. This hostel is affordable and has a very attractive location in the middle of Lipscani. If you want to party and not want far to bed in the evening, it can not be better. The owners and staff very nice. On the ground floor towards the street is also a lovely outdoor dining in pastel colors where you can sit and sip on a drink as well as look after passing people.

Find here: Litle Bucharest old town hostel , Strada Smârdan

What to see & do in Bucharest?

There are lots of exciting things to see and do as a tourist in Bucharest. Everything from looking at historic buildings to kayaking in scenic areas. In addition, there are a whole bunch of secret passages, umbrella bars and other hidden gems that are perfect for anyone looking for Instagram-friendly places. Please read my previous report on 5 unique walking tours in Bucharest.


Where to eat, have a drink & party in Bucharest?

There are restaurants for all taste buds and wallets, whether you want to eat traditional Romanian or international. I would even like to say that Bucharest is a really small “food mecca”. In Lipscani (the old town) the streets ring round, lined with restaurants and bars with lovely outdoor seating. It is a lively part of town with something for everyone.

Mercato Comunal

One of the days during Experience Bucharest we all ate lunch at the cool place Mercato Comunal. In this area there is a nice festival-like atmosphere and here are plenty of Street food options to choose from.The street food cars and wagons are lined up along the entire area.Choose from juicy American burgers, Greek salads, Asian fusion or vegetarian and gluten-free options. Here is most of it. In the caravan there are cold drinks as well as a large selection of local craft beer.

My lunch choice was Korean buns stuffed with beef and kimchi. Of course, I also had to test one of the beers from the microbreweries.After lunch we mingled around the area, hung in the sun loungers and took turns taking a look at each other’s sweetest little house, Pura Vida Hub. Like a little Hobbit house on wheels, so sweet!

Find here: Mercaro Comunale , Strada Gheorghe Polizu 28 – 36

El Toro fiesta

One of the other days there was a real Mexican party at the restaurant El Toro. What a day party. When we got there after a long walking tour, we were both hungry and a little tired at that point. Talk about waking up! When we arrived in El Toro, the festivities were already in full swing. A delicious Mexican buffet was displayed on a long table, waiting for the jugs with “Blue Margaritas” on the tables. Not long after we settled down to the table, the staff burst into song and soon everyone around began to dance.Both guests and staff. Apart from this being both a fun and slightly different lunch, it felt like the food was really of the highest quality.Forget plain sad tacos buffet. El Toro prepares Mexican food with real love. Just with the same love as they perform their music.

Find here: El Toro , Strada Apolodor 3

Caru’cu Bere

If you want to try real traditional Romanian food then Caru’cu is a must. If you are also a beer lover, you will enjoy some extra good here.Carcu´cu actually means beer cart in Romanian and this place has a history that goes back 130 years in time. Which is noticeable on the fantastic environment and decor, just look at it. Worth a visit for just the one. Just don’t forget to book a table as this “beer cart” is a little more poppis than the others.

Find here: Caru´cu Bere , Strada Stavropoleos 5


If you are interested in trying more food from Romanian cuisine, IDracula’s Medeviel Feast is an excellent choice. No one has missed the fact that blood-thirsty vampires and Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula are forever associated with Romania’s Transylvania. If you do not have the opportunity to visit Dracula’s castle while you are here, you can at least visit this restaurant that goes “all in” on the theme.Unfortunately, I never had to visit this restaurant myself, but I still want to tell about it to my readers.

Find here: IDracula Medivel Feast ,Strada Șelari 12

Arcul the Triumph

Our welcome party on the first evening of Experience Bucharest held at the Arcul de Triumf.Bucharest’s answer to the Paris Arc de Triomphe. It was the first time a party had ever been held up there, in other words, we were Arcul de Triumph’s first invited guests. There is no other word for it than “epic”.Sometimes I have to pinch my arm.Up at Arcul de Triumf we were met by balloons, bartenders, DJ’s and a TV team from Romanian TV ready to interview the guests. On one side there was a bar where you could order Jonnie Walker drinks and on the opposite side both artesana cheese tasting and chilled ice bowls filled with Corcova wine. Downstairs there was also a large buffet with picking food from Munge delivery.

Water Fountain Show

If you are in Bucharest one evening between Fri-sund, you must not miss the outstanding Water fountain show at Unirii Square. This magical show offers a dramatic interaction between water and music. It was badly worse when Queens “the show must go on” started. The Fountain Show can be viewed at 9 pm every peace-sand.

Dancing in the Street Project

Probably because I knew that Bucharest is a bit of a party town, but I had no idea that they were literally dancing on the streets. But yes you do. Look out for the Dancing in the street project in Lipscani a stone’s throw from Little Bucharest Hostel. If you also feel like dancing on the street, just jump right into the dance. I myself was on the first parquet in a window on Little Bucharest overlooking the street. There we had mingle with picking food and rosé.

Pura vida Skybar

What to do when one of the organizers of Experience Bucharest celebrates this year? Well, you are going to start a hilarious party at Pura Vida Skybar. Which, by chance, happens to be my favorite bar in Bucharest. It was a fun evening filled with icy Carlsbergs, birthday cake, dance and music. Pura Vida Skybar is without doubt one of Bukarest’s hidden gems. With a fantastic view of the rooftops in the old town and regular “events and happenings”, it is the perfect place to spend a pleasant evening, as well as meet other travelers from all over the world. Many of my fellow travelers stayed and partyed until dawn. I myself went home a little earlier to be able to get up early in the morning the next day when several exciting guided tours in town were waiting.

Find here: Pura Vida Skybar & hostel, Strada Smârdan 7

Nomad Skybar

Last but not least, we ended up at Nomad Skybar. This luxurious place is a real oasis where restaurant and bar meet trendy club concept. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere with nice decor and with a wonderful roof bar overlooking the old town’s rooftops. I love everything about this place. During the evening we were served fresh international dishes in several restaurants “a la sharing concept”.The dishes included salads, vegetable dishes, pasta, mini burgers, sausages and onion rings.For the food we drank well-chilled rosé wine.

Find here: Nomad Skybar , Etaj 2, Strada Smârdan 30

It was the last evening in Bucharest and the evening when it was time to say goodbye to the gang behind Experience Bucharest as well as all new found friends. See you again dear “travelers”. Hope our roads cross again in the near future in any other part of the world.

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